The artistic music project VOID-QUINTET by Ursula Reicher is a new and modern formation, that has been making music since autumn 2017.

The atmospheric sounds of the quintet’s uncommon instrumentation present different genres:

influences of jazz and classical music, the influence of singer- songwriter elements and progressive components give the music a special character.
Ursula’s original compositions and their arrangement correlate with lyrics; profound and complex thoughts about the world and the universe are expressed by vocals. This combination creates atmospheric music, that is interpreted by unique musicians.


DOMINIC PESSL and GERHARD ORNIG on the trumpets,

JOHANNES OPPEL and ADAM LADÁNYI on the trombones and

URSULA REICHER on the piano and as a singer, composer & arranger.

The Void-Quintet recorded their music in autumn 2018 and released „Globular Cluster“ on CD and Vinyl in january 2019. You can order the „Globular Cluster“.